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Help the Revival, and contribute to Psychedelic Club.

We're a 501c3 chapter-based nonprofit that believes a personal interest in psychedelics is valid, healthy, and should be socially acceptable.


Psychedelics are not the drugs-of-abuse prohibitionists claim them to be. Medicines, sacraments, and tools of deep personal insight, psychedelics have a lot to offer us in these times of tumult. By providing a legitimate and legal social rally point, Psychedelic Club re-defines our cultural relationship to these substances and takes them from the realm of criminals and “drug dealers” into that of “normal” society.

In the last 4 years we’ve gone from a simple idea, to a nationally registered non-profit with 10 chapters around the country and a committed board of directors, all with almost no monetary support. The power of our message, pure passion, and volunteer work has gotten us far, but we need help to create space for a more psychedelic culture.

We exist in a fundamentally material part of reality. Dreams of an openly psychedelic culture cannot be realized without grounded action. Psychedelic Club is positioned to take that action. With a bit of help in the form of financial energy, we will be able to further solidify our national structure, provide effective support to our existing chapters, and seed the growth of new chapters all around the planet.

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