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About Us

The original "Harvard Psychedelic Club" was a series of 1960's era psychology experiments involving America’s most prestigious school, several thousand doses of Sandoz LSD, and a rogue cadre of infamous psychedelic pioneers. Controversial, disruptive, and immutably transformative, their story is our namesake.

Founded at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2015, this Psychedelic Club focuses not on the consumption of LSD but on the redefinition of our cultural relationship to psychedelic substances. A failed War on Drugs has littered the narrative field with propaganda, stigma, and bad policy. We seek to clear the air of these informational pollutants by facilitating an open and intellectually honest examination of the role of psychedelics within our personal, collective, and historical lives. 

A public and inclusive chapter based community non-profit, we bring like-hearted humans together and provide a social venue within which psychedelic interests are normalized, accepted, and understood. Our singular aim is to carry psychedelic fascination out of the counterproductive counterculture and into the light of the mainstream.

National Board of Volunteer Directors

Regional Representatives

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