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New Logo Release: The Repotting

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

The Re-potting of Psychedelic Club

Over the last four years Psychedelic Club has grown from an idea seed in the hearts of a few individuals, to a sprouted single chute of the first chapter, to a multi-limbed perennial of flowering psychedelic connection. Our chapter leaders, members, volunteers, meeting attendees, space holders, speakers, listeners, connectors, and co-creators of all kinds have acted as cultural gardeners; passionately tending the soil and nurturing our development with the water of their engagement. As tends to be the case, this love and growth has led us to a change.

Many words and conversations primed this change, but a single simple sentence acted as the trigger: “Psychedelic Club’s logo isn’t very psychedelic.” Heard uttered below the 200-million-year-old iron oxide imbued boulders that make up the modern day sacred site that is Red Rocks Amphitheater, these words touched on an issue already alive in the collective organizational mind. Why are we driven by a radical purpose, but represented by a plain shape? Why is the symbolic container of everything that is Psychedelic Club not itself a soul-stirring, eye-catching object of contemplation? Why is it not Psychedelic?

We’re grateful for the smiling, exploding head that has served as our logo since inception but now feel it necessary to seek more representative forms. In service of the blooming and artful molecules of inspiration that unite this organization, Psychedelic Club is adopting a new logo. Intentioned to be visually evocative of the psychedelic experience itself, but not in overwhelming or inaccessible way, and to represent the true nature of Psychedelic Club.

At the very center of this logo are multi-colored fragments representing the diverse perspectives and personalities of those who make up Psychedelic Club. A core of multitudinous beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds all converge towards a central point to form an eyeball; The shared vision. Its imperfect circle reminds us of our human fallibility, to not take ourselves too seriously. The interwoven knot of community encircles and supports the shared vision, giving it shape. Alone we are fragments of a single color. Together, within the knot, we are the vision that creates a new psychedelic world.

With this, we are taking the organism of Psychedelic Club and transplanting it into a new container. Like a hermit crab finding a new shell or a flower a new pot, we are fundamentally the same at our core. Bringing psychedelic thought, expression, and connection out of the counterculture and into the mainstream is still our mission, community organizing still our mechanism. Like that flower in the new pot, it may take some time before our roots reach the bottom. We don’t expect this new logo to feel fully alive right away, but we’ll grow into it together.

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