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Psychedelic Club works with Friends of Red Rocks

The Denver chapter continues to get out and show community support by working with Friends of Red Rocks one a month for trash clean up days. Something that we found was that the majority of the things we picked up on our hike was cigarette butts! While some may think otherwise, they are not biodegradable. According to some studies only approximately 38% of a filter is decomposed after about 2 years. Since cigarette butts are still considered littering so we wanted to share an educational moment and encourage people to not litter cigarettes! One ways to help reduce the litter of cigarette butts is to us an Altoids container and store them until you are near a waste receptacle.

"Cigarettes make up more than one-third—nearly 38 percent—of all collected litter. Disposing of cigarettes on the ground or out of a car is so common that 75 percent of smokers report doing it. All these cigarette butts cost big bucks to clean up. Cities spend between $3 million and $16 million on cigarette clean-up." -Truth Initiative

Anything butt: put them in your nose, make a necklace, sew them into a quilt, jam them in the space between your slowly yellowing teeth. Any BUTT throw them on the ground.

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