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July 2019 | Boulder Chapter Update

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

The University of Colorado Boulder Psychedelic Club is the founding chapter of the organization. Started by James Casey and Nick Morris in 2015, this chapter has hosted a National Psychedelic Symposium featuring Rick Strassman, author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule; put on a Psychedelic Carnival; interviewed Dennis McKenna; hosted MDMA therapists; and spurred countless connections, conversations, and insights. They continue to be an exemplary piece of Psychedelic Club.

In an effort to open Psychedelic Club up to a wider population and cultivate space for people other than students to participate, “Boulder Community Psychedelic Club” will be holding a meeting Friday, July 19th at the Rayback Collective in Boulder at 6 p.m. There are still decisions to be made about the relationship between the community chapter and the university chapter, but our intentions remain the same: Cultivate psychedelic connection and carve out space for the cultural and social acceptance of psychedelics. We hope that all interested will join us in service of this intention.

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