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July 2019 | Featured Creator : Ryan Lynch

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

A man of flow, art, and Brazilian Jujitsu, his art often features beings that seem straight out of the DMT world, but behind the intensity there is a gentle, compassionate, and present human.

Bio of Ryan Lynch:

Ryan grew up in Massachusetts, where he began drawing at an early age. To this day, he continues to draw regularly. In college, Ryan became interested in using art as a form of expression, he began exploring other mediums, including acrylic and digital painting as well as vector art. It was at this time, he began using psychedelics as a tool for exploring new creative techniques, finding pareidolia, and developing emotive abilities. Since, he has been creating as an exploration of meditation and flow. Ryan currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

Check out Ryan on Instagram: @trad3_mrk


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